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GOLDEN BRIDGE Welding Rods Mild Steel 3.2mm 1kg

GOLDEN BRIDGE Welding Rods Mild Steel 3.2mm 1kg

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What are welding rods used for?

Welding rods, also known as welding electrodes, are metal wires coated with a flux material. They are used in welding processes to join metals together. The flux coating protects the molten metal from atmospheric contaminants, stabilizes the arc, and provides additional elements to enhance the weld properties.

Different types of welding rods are designed for specific applications
and metal types, such as mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. Choosing the right welding rod is crucial for achieving strong and durable welds. Welding rods find applications in various welding processes across industries.


  • Construction: Used for joining structural components in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.
  • Manufacturing: Employed in the fabrication of metal products, machinery, and equipment.
  • Automotive: Used for welding vehicle components, such as frames and exhaust systems.
  • Shipbuilding: Essential for assembling and repairing metal structures in the marine industry.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Applied in the maintenance and repair of machinery, pipelines, and other metal structures.
  • Pipeline Welding: Specifically designed rods for welding pipelines in the oil and gas industry.
  • Aerospace: Employed in the assembly and repair of aircraft components.
  • Home Repairs: Used for DIY projects, fixing metal items around the house, or basic metal repairs.

Choosing the right welding rod depends on factors like the type of metal being
welded, the welding process, and the specific requirements of the application.

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1 x GOLDEN BRIDGE Welding Rods Mild Steel 3.2mm 1kg

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