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One & Only Bath Tile and Shower Cleaner and Descaler 5 Litre

One & Only Bath Tile and Shower Cleaner and Descaler 5 Litre

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A Water based, fragranced, remove white hard water scaling, body fats & residue in showers

Application and Method:

A Concentrated, water-based, acidic detergent cleaning compound. Scientifically formulated for the fast and cost-effective removal of various tough hard water scaling and related residuals from a variety of washroom & bathroom surfaces within but not limited to the general, domestic, industrial, institutional & professional cleaning sectors.

One & Only®  Bath, Toilet & Shower descaler is well balanced, incorporating a complex blend of biodegradable surfactants, acid salts & hydrotropes to neutralize & dissolve various tenacious alkaline residuals ensuring a better, easier, and faster clean…...every time. This product has multiple cleaning applications and may be used for general body fat degreasing & soap scum removal in showers. Perfect for use as a urinal / toilet  bowl cleaner


Effectively Removes: Hard water scaling, alkaline salt build-up, lime scale residual, light rust, general scaling, body fat, soap scum, brown scale, grout contaminants, general grime, stains & related soiling

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