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DOT Footwear

DOT SAFETY Contractors Steel Toe Boots

DOT SAFETY Contractors Steel Toe Boots

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This footwear may be used in the following work environments: Warehousing, packing of non-hazardous material and general industrial use.

The Contractor Boot is SB SRC, which means that these boots are slip resistant, tested on ceramic tile with lauryl sulfate and on steel floor with glycerine, and that this is a basic safety boot that has protection against impact and compression and does not have anti-static properties. These boots have resistance to slippage and oil. The steel toe cap can withstand up to 200 joules of pressure. They also have reinforcements in the sole section which aids in the shock absorption.

These boots have been tested to ISO 20345:2011 standards.
SB – Safety Basic (toe Protection) SRC – Slip resistance on the ceramic tile floor with lauryl sulfate and on steel floor with glycerine

Store the footwear in a well-ventilated, cool area; never store the footwear underneath heavy or sharp items. The Footwear must be worn at least once every 6 months to prevent deterioration or damage to the footwear.

Check your footwear once per year to see if they require any maintenance.
Clean your footwear regularly using high quality cleaning treatment, NEVER use caustic or corrosive cleaning agents.

These boots are not suitable for very wet conditions or high temperatures (above 90°). They are not suitable for very lubricated flooring conditions.
Should your footwear become wet, place it to dry in a dry room away from direct sunlight.
The obsolescence deadline for the footwear is 5 years from the date of manufacturing marked on the outer sole of the footwear.

When taking the footwear on or off, the wearer needs to loosen the laces before placing the boot on their foot and then fasten the laces. When removing the boot undo the laces to loosen it so it will come off with ease.

The footwear is supplied with a removable insock/innersole; the testing of this boot was carried out with the insock/innersole in place.

The footwear MUST ONLY be worn with the insock/innersole in place and the insock/innersole shall only be replaced by a comparable insock/innersole supplied by the original footwear supplier.

What's in the box:

1 x Pair of DOT SAFETY Contractors Steel Toe Boots

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