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SUPA CLEAN Floor Polish 1 Litre

SUPA CLEAN Floor Polish 1 Litre

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Floor Polish is a nonslip liquid polymer polish used for the daily maintenance of most types of floors. This versatile polish is suitable for most types of flooring surfaces that require a  maintenance polish. Can be used on concrete surfaces. 3-4 coats of concentrate used with a buffing pad will seal floors and provide a high gloss finish. 


May be diluted in cold water and applied by a clean mop for maintenance applications. always ensure the surface is clean and dry prior to applying. Additional buffing will ensure a high gloss finish. The dilution ratio will determine the degree of shine and longevity there-off. Maintenance: 50ml-10lt water. Sealing new floor: Use as is, 4 coats. Not specified for use on laminated and various interlocking flooring types. Please note that a build-up of wax over a period of continuous use will cause dullness, at which time the floors should be stripped and re-sealed. 


  • Nonslip liquid floor polish and sealer.
  • Used as daily maintenance on most floor types.
  • Seals concrete flooring when used with a buffing pad.
  • Self shine.
  • High gloss.
  • Liquid floor polish, sealer

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1 x Supa Floor Polish1 Litre


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