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HARDEN Folding Utility Craft Knife Quick Change Blade

HARDEN Folding Utility Craft Knife Quick Change Blade

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The knife folds like a regular folding knife but has the benefit of a quick change blade mechanism. This means no worrying about sharpening of blades or chips or damage to your knifes edge.


  • Aluminum Alloy Handle and Housing
  • Safety lock-back system
  • Quick change blade mechanism
  • Including 5 Piece Blades
  • Suggest to use Harden #570345 Blade
  • Aluminum alloy handle and housing 
  • CS-60 Blade 
  • 5 blades
  • Safety lock-back system
  • Easy to use and carry
  • 9 types available
  • Packaging: triple wall corrugated carton


  • Length - 170mm
  • Blade - 60x23mm


  1. Book 
  2. Carpet
  3. Carton
  4. Courier bag
  5. Cloth
  6. Thick fabric
  7. Leather 
  8. Aluminum 
  9. Plastic

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What's In The Box:

1 x HARDEN Folding Knife Quick Change Blade

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