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Mutton Cloth High Quality White 400g

Mutton Cloth High Quality White 400g

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Mutton cloth is an essential, versatile cleaning and polishing cloth with many uses. Mutton Cloth is made from 100% cotton and can be cut to any size depending on your desired use.  It can be reused a number of times before being discarded.

It can be used for numerous applications because the weave does not cause scratches to appear on delicate surfaces. Use it to apply polish to wooden surfaces, to apply wood stain to a newly created piece of furniture, and much more.

With excellent absorption, the mutton cloth also cleans up spills quickly. An
inexpensive, extremely versatile cleaning tool. Mutton cloth is also used to clean surfaces in and around the house as well as in public areas such as hospitals, schools and supermarkets. The excellent absorbent qualities of mutton cloth also make it useful to clean up spills.

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1 x Mutton Cloth High Quality White 400g

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