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NANO TREAT Septic Tank Bio Digester with Cherry 1 Litre

NANO TREAT Septic Tank Bio Digester with Cherry 1 Litre

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Nano Treat with sweet cherry is a super concentrated biological treatment for digestion and odor control within septic sewerage systems including pit latrines, portable, general underground & rental toilets. Contains a combination of viable flora and a super enzyme blend. Used as an initial shock dose or maintenance additive. 24-48 hour activation. 


Use undiluted directly into the system or dose via toilet or connecting drain/pipe. New system dose concentrate at 1lt per 100lt capacity. Maintenance dose of 100ml per 100lt weekly or as required. Dosing via connecting lines will clean & reduce mal-odors. For portable and rental toilets, dosage may vary on size and frequency of use/cleaning. The use of chlorine or strong disinfectants will neutralize the activity of this product and should be avoided in any way.


  • Septic safe. Water soluble cleaner, ph balanced, containing enzymes & biodegradable surfactants, manufactured free from phosphates, phenols, ethylene solvents, abrasive additives, caustic, acid & ammonia
  • Sweet cherry, biological treatment for digestion & odor control within septic sewage systems, including pit latrines, portable & rental toilets.

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1 x NANO TREAT Septic Tank Bio Digester with Cherry 1 Litre

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