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One & Only Industrial Degreaser 750ml Trigger

One & Only Industrial Degreaser 750ml Trigger

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One & Only Industrial Detergent is a Water-based, Bio-Degradable & Environmentally friendly solution that can be used to clean most things. 

Application and Method:

Highly concentrated, water-based, alkaline detergent cleaning compound. scientifically formulated for the fast and cost-effective removal of a variety of tough soiling, from multiple surfaces within but not limited to the general, domestic, industrial, institutional mining, and engineering sector.

One & Only® Industrial degreaser is well balanced, incorporating a variety of complex biodegradable surfactants &  hydrotropes to dissolve & emulsify a variety of tenacious residuals ensuring a better, easier, and faster clean…...every time. This product is compatible with most cleaning equipment and may be used neat via high-pressure washers. When used via scrubbers and other extraction machines add 50ml product per 10lt water capacity. (0.5% v / water).


  • Fast Acting & Non-Toxic 
  • Safe for any Washable Surface
  • Cleans Engines & Machinery
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Can be used for Ovens, Concrete, Fat, Grease, and Grime.
  • Extremely cost-effective as it is highly concentrated and can be diluted down to 100 to 1 part water. Depending on what is used.


Effectively Removes Fats, oil, grease, dust, grime, lubricants, carbon deposits, proteins, soot environmental residue,  laundry stains, general dirt, tenacious soiling, common crud/muck & body fat. 

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