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PRATLEY Adhesive Epoxy Wondafix-Std-27ml

PRATLEY Adhesive Epoxy Wondafix-Std-27ml

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PRATLEY Adhesive Epoxy Wondafix-Std-27ml


  • Tough, yet flexible adhesive.
  • Patents have been granted in most developed countries.
  • Outstanding adhesive properties.
  • Flexibility makes it a unique bonding and shock resistant repair system.
  • Cures to a tough, hard but flexible rubber.
  • Cream/Opaque in colour.
  • 2 : 1 mix ratio.

Suggested Uses:

  • Repairs leather belts.
  • Repairs splice leather transmission belts.
  • Patches tears or holes in canvas tents or deck chairs.
  • Mends running shoes.
  • Cast your own gaskets.
  • Mould and cast new vibration mountings.
  • Cast a new Wondafix tyre onto pallet trolley wheel and machine it perfectly round in a lathe after it has set.
  • Make new abrasion resistant linings for wearing parts of rock handling machinery.
  • Electrical insulating handles.
  • Repairs ornaments rigid and non-rigid.
  • Stops ornaments and telephones from sliding around by applying to base.
  • Cast your own flexible drives or friction drives.
  • For extra strong repairs soak into bandage and wrap around broken joint.
  • And many more uses

What's in the box:

1 x PRATLEY Adhesive Epoxy Wondafix-Std-27ml

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