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PROFGARD Heavy Duty Cleaner Food Grade 10 Litre

PROFGARD Heavy Duty Cleaner Food Grade 10 Litre

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PROFGARD HEAVY DUTY CLEANER is well balanced, incorporating a variety of complex biodegradable surfactants & hydrotropes to dissolve & emulsify a variety of tenacious residuals ensuring a better, easier, and faster clean…...every time. Water based, all purpose, and multi-surface alkaline degreaser and universal cleaner.

Scientifically formulated for the fast and cost effective removal of a variety of tough soiling, from multiple of surfaces with the food industry. Including effective cleaning applications within the agricultral indsutry and associated sectors ie. butcheries, bakeries, restuarants, processing plants, abattoirs, general industrial food production, food transport, food warehosuing, household, maintenance & laundries. 


  • Effectively removes : Proteins, fats, oil,  blood, grease, dust, grime, lubricants, carbon deposits, soot, environmental residue,  laundry stains, general dirt , tenacious soiling , common crud / muck & body fat.
  • Food Grade Certified.
  • Toxicologically Tested.
  • Premium Quality.


Dilute with hot or cold water and apply to the surface via spray, brush, foamer, HP equipment or mop. Leave on the surface for 30 – 90 seconds, scrub / wipe and rinse with clean water. Repeat if required. Stronger dilution and longer contact time will enhance the cleaning ability & overall performance. Best used with hot water for fat and grime removal.  

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1 x PROFGARD Heavy Duty Cleaner Food Grade 10 Litre


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