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BOSTICK Silicone Stripper 90ml

BOSTICK Silicone Stripper 90ml

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Introducing Silicone Stripper, your solution for effectively removing cured silicone smudges, spills, and fingerprints from various surfaces. This versatile product is suitable for use on a range of materials, making it an essential tool for maintaining cleanliness and quality in your projects.


  • Multi-Surface Use: Silicone Stripper is suitable for application on sanitary ware, glass, metal, enamel, concrete, plaster, plastics, and textiles, offering versatility in its usage.
  • Cured Silicone Removal: Ideal for removing cured silicone residues left behind from smudges, spills, and fingerprints, ensuring a clean and polished finish.
  • Mould Growth Removal: Additionally, Silicone Stripper can effectively remove mould growth from the surface of silicone materials, helping to maintain hygiene and appearance.
  • Stain Precaution: While generally safe for use, Silicone Stripper may stain certain metal surfaces. It is advisable to conduct a small area test prior to full application to avoid unexpected staining.
  • Surface Compatibility: Exercise caution when using Silicone Stripper on wood substrates, as it may cause darkening. It can also soften painted or varnished surfaces and some fabrics such as Nylon.
  • Easy Application: With its user-friendly application process, Silicone Stripper provides convenience and efficiency in removing silicone residues and mould growth.
  • Maintenance and Cleanliness: Keep your surfaces looking pristine and well-maintained by regularly using Silicone Stripper to address silicone-related issues and maintain cleanliness.

Ensure the quality and appearance of your surfaces with Silicone Stripper, the trusted solution for silicone residue removal and surface maintenance.

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1 x BOSTICK Silicone Stripper 90ml

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