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SUPA CLEAN Floor Stripper 5 Litre

SUPA CLEAN Floor Stripper 5 Litre

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Floor Stripper is an ammoniated floor polymer/wax stripper. Highly effective in removing polish build-up in preparation for re-sealing / coating. May be used as a heavy-duty floor & hard surface degreaser. Will effortlessly remove a variety of fats, oils, grease, food residue, and grime. 


May be diluted in cold or lukewarm water and applied to the surface. Dilution will depend on the degree of buildup or time constraints. Allow a 5-minute contact time and scrub with a hard bristle brush or broom. Mop any residue up and expose of. Repeat if required. Ensure the surface is 100% clean and dry prior to applying polish. Heavy duty: Use neat. General Duty: 1:25 parts water.

Caution: Corrosive compound, contains ammonia, wear an appropriate mask, eye protection & gloves. Ensure adequate ventilation or fresh air.


  • Water-based ammoniated polymer stripper/cleaner
  • Water soluble cleaner, containing surfactants, manufactured free from phosphates, phenols, ethylene solvents, abrasive additives & ammonia.

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1 x SUPA CLEAN Floor Stripper 5 Litre

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