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SUPA CLEAN Pine Gel Concentrate 20 Litre

SUPA CLEAN Pine Gel Concentrate 20 Litre

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Pine Gel Concentrate with virgin pine oil and active neutral cleaning detergent is a tried and tested universal household cleaner. With hundreds of cleaning applications in and around the house, this all-in-one cleaner with concentrated surfactant and intense pine odor will leave a long-lasting clean, and clinical smell.


Apply neat onto the surface and wipe with a soft clean cloth, or scrub, rinse and repeat if required. Dilute 50ml per litre for most general mopping, scrubbing, and wiping applications. The product may be used as a laundry soak. The product is compatible with most common hard surfaces. Daily use and cleaning applications.


  • Universal household cleaner with virgin pine oil
  • All-in-one cleaner with concentrated surfactant & intense pine odor.
  • Water soluble cleaner, containing surfactants, manufactured free from phosphates, phenols, ethylene solvents, abrasive additives & ammonia.
  • May be used neat or diluted in hot or cold water depending on the application type and/or the condition of the surface. 
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1 x SUPA CLEAN Pine Gel Concentrate 20 Litre 

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