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Triple Red

TRIPLE RED Drain Cleaner 1Litre

TRIPLE RED Drain Cleaner 1Litre

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A Highly Effective acid cleaner and dissolver for drains.


  • Will Unclog, Clear, Clean, and de-soil exterior drains.
  • Can be used for Interior Shower & Basin drains.
  • Will destroy & dissolve insoluble matter that causes drain blocks.
  • New Child-proof cap.

How to use:

Pour directly and very slowly into the blocked drain. Use a plastic funnel if required to avoid overflow or spillage. Caution when using for interior drain, completely avoid contact with, stainless steel basins, porcelain, tiles, grout, and shower rose. May be used in pit toilets, not suitable for septic systems when a BIO-SYSTEM is in place. Product information: Sulphuric acid-based compound, extremely harmful, corrosive, and dangerous if not used with caution or as directed

Product type: Strong liquid acid, with inhibitors.

Caution: This product is extremely dangerous, do not mix with alkali's or chlorine. Ensure complete PPE protection, including but not limited to the adequate eye and skin protection. Keep away from children and animals. Ensure the end users understand the safety protocol and all associated dangers when using the product.



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